(for children age 4 by September 1)

Children turning 4 years of age by September 1 may choose to attend 5 mornings or 4 afternoons per week

Mornings: Monday - Friday 9:00am - 11:45am

Afternoons: Monday - Thursday 1:00pm - 4:00pm

4 & 5 Day Program Application Form

The 4 & 5 Day Program provides children with the next natural step towards independence and learning. A big step for second year students is saying goodbye at the classroom door and entering the classroom on their own. This increases their confidence in separation and provides a strong sense of belonging to “their class”.

As part of the daily routine, children choose their own “work” during Independent Choice Time, which comprises the majority of their school day. There is much to do at Berrybrook and a variety of choices are provided such as Legos, puzzles, block building, manipulatives, dramatic play, paints, playdough, etc. A classroom library includes selections relating to the current curriculum as well as a listening center. Children practice skills such as writing, tracing, cutting, gluing, counting, and painting as they complete at least one project each day.

The students enjoy an “Open Snack.” Children may serve themselves when they feel hungry and join one or two friends at a small table in the classroom. This style of snacking provides independence, social interaction, and math skills when counting/serving.

Teachers and children gather early in their session for circle time to share information and discuss classroom issues. Circle time also includes familiar and new games, music, and movement. All children celebrate a “Berrybrook Birthday.” Teachers arrange a date with parents to join the class for all or part of the day. In addition to choosing a birthday snack provided by Berrybrook and creating a birthday crown, the 4 & 5 Day Program students celebrating their birthday participate in a special “Birthday Walk” during circle time. The daily circle time helps children become part of a connected and caring community, where they learn to listen to others and share their own ideas.

Children gather as a group again before going outside, to listen to a book that further extends our learning about a topic or tradition, provides humor, or inspires our curiosity and sense of discovery. Children play outside every day, whether permitting. At the end of our day, children gather with their class as parents arrive.